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This is for those who are doing the Fort Sherman Academy Online Course. There's actually nothing here, just a place you can upload the certificate to show that you did it.

There's no actual stuff here. Just upload something to prove you have done it: the registration receipt will do.

There's nothing here, just a place to upload some evidence to tell us that you've done the course.

It is our desire that you grow spiritually, emotionally and cross-culturally during your time on On Track.

These tasks are designed to help you get the most out of your experiences and share your experiences with others. Reflective tasks have been divided into three phases to mirror your pathway.

Aim to undertake one reflective task a month. Some tasks are identified as core-task requirements. These tasks will form the basis of your submission for credit with Tabor for recognition of your ministry internship, alongside a selection of your other reflections.

An online group that meets to read through "Plum Tree" and "Cross-Cultural Servanthood"